We have been working alongside so many wonderful food and drink businesses over the past few weeks and pains me to say the struggle is real.

There are so many passionate people in Tees Valley it can be quite overwhelming just seeing the efforts being made so their customers can enjoy themselves at the weekend or any day of the week really.

There are 3 main reasons for the struggle

Reason 1 - Current restrictions

All Food and drink outlets such as bars and restaurants are only operating at half of their capacity but they have so much more work to do, Pre pandemic Table service was classed as a luxury but now it is a compulsory factor to allow businesses to operate, additional cleaning and sanitizing everything in sight, it needs to be done everywhere in both front and back of house and it takes so much extra time to do, but it has to be done so they can stay open and serve you and your loved ones, as a result of the additional duties the wage bills have nearly doubled in cost.

Reason 2 - Not enough employees

This is factor that is having a major negative domino effect on the entire food and drink industry.

There isn't enough employees to pick and pack the ingredients for the growers.

There isn't enough drivers to deliver the goods to the distribution centres.

There isn't enough warehouse staff to collect and process all the orders.

There isn't enough drivers to deliver the orders to the restaurants, hotels and bars.

And finally there is a huge shortage in staff such as chefs, bar tenders and waiters in restaurants, hotels and bars.

As you can see, it's a domino effect that is playing havoc on the hospitality industry right now.

Reason 3 - No shows

A no show is when a booking has been made and no body turns up for it.

Don't get me wrong cancellations can and do happen for many different reasons which is understandable but if you can not make it to your booking please let the venue know as soon as you possibly can, because if you just don't turn up (no show) it is costly to the business it reduces staff morale, especially if they turned customers away because you had booked the table first.

So when your out enjoying your meals and drinks when your out at any time, please be patient and courteous because everyone is working so hard to prepare themselves for you to enjoy your time at their place of work.

They are doing their best believe me

Thank you for reading this post I hope it can give you an insight to what is really happening behind the scenes at your favourite place eat or drink

Best wishes

Crystal Clear FAB Solutions

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