The Northern Quarter - Redcar - BARS - part II

Welcome to our second feature blog - featuring 4 awesome bars situated in the Northern Quarter in Redcar

Happy reading....


Prohibition 144 is one of the smaller bars in the Northern Quarter, but don't let that deceive you. It is packed full of character with an open fire and quirky vintage bookcases posing as doors. Also hiding on the wall you will find the mirrored TV among its cool 1930's styled features which are really intriguing and unique.

We met with Jason the bar owner, we spoke about what inspired him to create a 1930s style feature bar, in his words “I wanted to bring something different to Redcar, something that isn’t in the area but it had to have character, I’ve always had an interest in movies and tv shows based around the prohibition era so I incorporated that into the idea for the concept of the bar, I just had to find a way of bringing 1930s into the here and now , I like to think that I have done the prohibition 144 bar proud for our customers and the Northern quarter as a whole”

Jason is a proper foodie at heart and he has great visions for the future of the Northern Quarter. They have recently opened a beer garden to the rear of the building in collaboration with their next-door neighbours "That's the Spirit". Jason could see the potential of almost doubling his capacity, helping to work towards creating his vision of offering cosy all year round BBQ's with a whole array of dishes.

This is something to look forward to if you are thinking of visiting Redcar in the colder months of the year.



Maqueens bar is for the younger generation of pub goers. It first opened its doors in late 2019 by local sisters Maisie and Queenie (Hence the name)

We met up with Adam the bar supervisor and chief cocktail maker, we also met with barmaid Kiera. Impressively, Kiera designed and laid the tiled flooring at the bar area! Not bad going for a young Redcar lass!

Adam told us how he loves creating (and tasting) new cocktail recipes and if they go down well with the customers the new cocktail creations will find a more permanent place on the drinks menu.

During the lockdowns, Maqueens refurbished its bar area focusing on their cocktail making facilities. They also give the bar a fresh lick of paint so that it had a new look when they were finally allowed to reopen.

Maqueens bar has a real up beat feel about it, and although this bars usual customers are "the young - uns" I would certainly bring my wife here for a cheeky cocktail (or two) before we went to the races for a cheeky flutter.



One word comes to mind when you notice the view from inside of the Beacon Lounge.... WOW!

The views of the sea from the panoramic window in the conservatory area are simply breath taking!

We spoke with Charlie, the bar supervisor about the difficulties of reopening the bar in between the lockdowns.

Charlie told us that "training new staff whilst being understaffed is a totally different ball game altogether; with the addition of sanitising all surfaces, table service and constantly telling customers that they can’t dance, must wear a facemask etc, on top of the usual duties was quite overwhelming at times"

Throughout the pandemic, the Beacon Lounge has expanded the bar up to the wave barrier on the seafront.

It now hosts a state of the art conservatory with a retractable roof and complete with its own bar and amazing music system.

The Beacon Lounge offers a wide range of food and drink, from classic cocktails to fresh fish and chips served from its very own outdoor fish bar.

The décor is modern and fresh: you could just sit here for hours looking out of the windows watching the world go by.



The Gypsy Rover is controversially the second bar to open in the Northern Quarter.

We met up with Jackie the bar owner and in my opinion, The Duchess of the Northern Quarter. Jackie is outspoken and warm hearted with a true passion for her customers, the Northern Quarter and Redcar town itself.

The Gypsy Rover is primarily for the older folk of Redcar, the décor is purposely vintage with a real 80's traditional pub feel about it.

Throughout the lockdowns Jackie kept in touch with the regulars via social media, hosting at home social nights and singalongs. Jackie and the staff at the Gypsy Rover also made sure that their vulnerable customers had a visit and a drink of their usual tipple on Christmas day; which says a lot about Jackie and the commitment to the older folk of Redcar which the gypsy rover provides,

We also spoke in detail about how much Redcar town has changed over the years and the potential income to the town from tourism, there is a huge opportunity for the area especially for the smaller independent businesses.



I proper enjoyed meeting with the business owners and staff whilst doing this blog.

The community spirit is absolutely electric, i have never seen such a variety of independent venues in one place outside of the major cities such as Leeds and Manchester. What is even more inspiring is that all of these bars are independent to themselves as well as being a part of the Northern quarter community.

Each bar owner has had an idea and a vision and gives it their all, and i must say that each and every one of them is doing an incredible job at it in their own unique way.

Each of the venues in the Northern quarter organise events from comedy and karaoke nights to live gigs and DJs, there is always something going on down at the Northern Quarter in Redcar.

So the next time you are deciding where to go for a night out in Teesside, I suggest you give the Northern Quarter in Redcar a shout, I'm certain you won’t be disappointed

Best wishes and good health


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