Northern Dales Farmers Market

This weekend we met with Nigel (the event organiser) and his team from the Northern Dales Farmers Market.

We met up on Stokesley high street at 6am when Nigel and his team were putting up all the stalls ready for the holders to come and decorate them with there home baked goods and fresh produce.

We spoke with Nigel about the relief of getting the markets back up and running after the recent easing of restrictions due to Covid - 19.

Nigel told us that the response from the stall holders and the communities has been amazing and the interest from new businesses has been incredible due to the increase of start ups created during the lockdowns, in his own words "the Farmers Markets are a great springboard for new businesses to showcase their product and to connect with their customers in person"

Later in the day we went down to Stokesley to speak with some of the stall holders and the residents of Stokesley.

We (me and my cherubs) got parked on the high street and made our way over to the Farmers market, the first thing we noticed was the delicious smells of freshly baked pies, cakes and fresh produce coming from the market stalls.

We spoke with numerous stall holders about their products and how the Farmers markets help them to sell their goods directly to customers in towns around the North East and Yorkshire, one stall holder said "we have been relying on online sales and now we can come to the farmers markets we can finally meet some of our customers, its fantastic" another said "theirs nothing better than seeing the happy faces of people buying our products, especially after such a tough 18 months"

The residents of Stokesley were clearly happy with the variety of goods that come to town with the Farmers market.

Overall the Northern Dales Farmers market is doing a great job offering both new and existing businesses a place to sell their goods to customers, and the response from the locals seems to be welcomed with open arms.

Nigel and his team are clearly passionate about the farmers market and what it can do for local independent businesses, He told us that "the hard work is always worth it"

Have you ever been to a farmers market?

If not i suggest you do at least once this summer

you will find all sorts of sweet and savoury treats made by passionate and talented people and the kids will love it too

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