Have you been out yet?

The re-opening of bars and restaurants in the UK is now well on the way and all businesses in hospitality have been stocking up on fresh produce, ingredients, ales, wines and spirits and the odd bottle of celebratory champagne ready for good times ahead.

Over forty thousand food and beverage businesses in the UK have welcomed the return of customers inside for the first time in what feels like an eternity on Monday 17th May

Leading up to the 17th May, Bars, Restaurants, Bistros and Café owners across the UK have been making finishing touches inside their premises, they're looking so fresh and so clean, the previous smell of paint has now been replaced with wonderful aromas from the kitchens were the chefs have been cooking up a storm and finalising all of those dishes we have been craving for months.

All members of staff are fully trained and raring to go, Front of house staff are ready to serve us our favourite dish and recommend house specials, Bartenders and mixologists have been testing out new recipes and creating some incredible cocktails.

So get your table booked and head down to your favourite venue and enjoy the delights they have to offer.

This is a huge step forward for the industry right now and we want to wish the Best of luck to everyone involved.

Up yours corona.....

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