Employers and employees well being

With only days left until the doors can finally open and we can enjoy the comforts of eating and drinking inside our favourite restaurants and bars, employers and employees have been working hard preparing themselves for the next wave of customers.

Whilst everyone has been pulling together in preparations for open day employers have had a huge focus on staff well being and mental health, The Covid - 19 pandemic has undoubtedly effected peoples mental health and we have all felt the pressure at some point during the pandemic.

One of the responses from employers to address this situation is by having one to one sessions with their staff to make themselves aware of how the pandemic has effected all of their employees individually, by doing so it has helped employers understand how each member of staff is feeling regards to the current situation and how it has affected them and also talking about mental health in the workplace as a whole, This has also helped to reassure employees that they are being thought of and has eased some of the ANXIETY of going back into a working environment.

For businesses that were able to open the doors (at least to the gardens and terraces) the past three weeks haven't been without their ups and downs but one thing that has really stood out especially behind the scenes is teamwork, employees are all working together as a solid unit and they look comfortable and content.

Are you an employer or an employee opening your doors on May 17th for indoor food and drink?

If so what are you looking forward to the most?

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