Back to reality – Alfresco like never before

Now that lockdown is easing off for us all we are now able to meet up for food and drinks (ALFRESCO STYLE)

We have visited quite a few bars and restaurant’s since restrictions have been eased on April 12th and the buzz behind the scenes has been both electric and hopeful.

The whole dining alfresco experience in the UK will always be hit and miss due to our wonderful British weather, but it’s a scenario that we have been lusting after for months.

Alfresco dining hasn’t been without its challenges: availability, seating arrangements, limited time slots, licensing issues and of course the wonderful British weather (which seems to have been on shuffle for the past two weeks).

One customer commented “It’s just like being on holiday but with blankets and scarves”

That being said, the response from the public has been amazing and venues are now hiring more staff to assist with the demands of their business and customer footfall and we are only two week in!

Have you dined Al Fresco since lockdown has eased? If so what was your experience like and what did you have to eat?

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